Nucleo De Coexistence Heliópolis

Projeto Velho Amigo noticed a lack of projects specifically geared towards the senior population of the Heliopolis community (which is estimated at approximately 20,000 inhabitants). Subsequently, Projeto Velho Amigo implemented an Educational Center for the Seniors of Heliopolis, a refuge for people age 60 and older who reside in the community.

Through its activities, the Educational Senior Center aims to enable seniors and their families to forge a lasting relationship between generations, as well as the ability to exercise their rights and autonomy of thought, as useful members of society and in turn rescuing their social role inside their community and in the family.

The objective of this center is to get older persons out of isolation, therefore offsetting the limitations arising from the aging process, by fostering education and social inclusion for seniors. The center presents seniors with many new possibilities, for example, an improved social life, continued education, physical activities, cultural events and several preventive health campaigns. The Projeto Velho Amigo Educational Center has become a point of reference for the senior community of Heliopolis.

Address: Estrada das Lagrimas, 2317

City: Nova Heliópolis, São Paulo

Zip code: 04245-007


+55 (11) 3071-4040
+55 (11) 3079-0018


Estrada das Lágrimas, 2317- 2º andar
Heliópolis – São Paulo, SP
Zip code: 04232-000

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