O Projeto Velho Amigo

We at the Projeto Velho Amigo believe that everyone, regardless of age, has the right to dream.

To dream more fondly, to dream of a more dignified life, to dream of a quality future.

That´s what we want for our seniors: never to give up on their dreams. And make it more and better!

We aim to contribute to social inclusion , to rescue their dignity and self-esteem. To promote through social development assistance, education, sport, culture and leisure, improving the quality of life of the elderly, especially for the elderly in situations of social vulnerability.

We are a non-profit association working for the cause of aging and longevity in the country.

We support nonprofit institutions that work with older people in social vulnerability through technical advice, volunteering and various donations.

We work directly in the Community Center of Heliópolis, providing, welcome, physical, cognitive and social activities.

Altogether there are more than 1700 elderly people in a situation of social vulnerability. Benefited from our mobilization.

"Who is rich in dreams never gets old.
It may even die suddenly.
But will die in flight."

(Rubem Alves)


+55 (11) 3071-4040
+55 (11) 3079-0018


Estrada das Lágrimas, 2317- 2º andar
Heliópolis – São Paulo, SP
Zip code: 04232-000

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